Thursday, August 10, 2017

Half of Republicans don't care about the Constitution

New polling data released today shows that of 1,325 Americans identifying or leaning Republicans, 52% would support postponing the 2020 Election if President Donald Trump suggested it to prevent voter fraud. Additionally, that magic 47% believe Trump won the popular vote. (He didn't).

This new information is reported at The Washington Post.

I for one am always a little skeptical of polls because 1,325 Americans is a tiny sample of more than 300 million. But I'm not going to break down and question the veracity and methods of experts. But I'm also not going to pretend I'm shocked.

There's a gross misunderstanding of the American system of government that exists on the right, especially the far right. This misunderstanding is not exclusive to the right - it exists on the left as well, but in a different sense. For example, the primary process between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton was a bit of a mess because I really don't think some voters understand the party system. But that's neither here nor there, a debate for another time.

As it has been widely reported, there is not a rampant voter fraud problem in US election. There isn't even a small problem. It's minuscule, and the most high-profile cases have been Republican voters. However, the fragile ego of one Donald J. Trump - mixed with the right's deep fear of progressive Americans, has created a false narrative of voter fraud.

Half of Republicans would support postponing the 2020 election. Unfortunately for those Republicans, the Constitution does not support this idea. Unless Trump decides he's going to march into the National Archives and burn the original copy of the Constitution, there's not going to be a postponement of the 2020 election. I think that much is obvious. You would need to first pass a bill through Congress - which Trump can't do - and then you would have to amend the Constitution, which is definitely not happening.

The troubling fact is how half of Republicans polled have no understanding of the Constitution. To me this highlights a growing education gap that needs to be solved, This problem is exacerbated by news outlets like Fox News and the macho facades that many far right groups create for themselves.

Take for example the NRA. It's a gun club, that's fine. What's not fine is how they've veered towards becoming a far right extremist group. They've been releasing ads that are comparable to terrorist propaganda videos calling for violence on "liberals" or "leftists," specifically protesters. I hate to break it to the gun club, but protest is as American as the Second Amendment.

The truth of the matter is that Republicans, specifically those who still support the already failed presidency of Donald Trump are deathly afraid of their tax dollars being used to help the less fortunate, even when those tax dollars, in turn, benefit them as well. They believe Trump's bluster and lies not because he's a strong leader and not because of his pretend success. They believe in him because he has the same misunderstanding and lack of caring for the Constitution and the American system of government as they do.

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