Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sebastian Gorka is the worst of amateur hour

Sebastian Gorka has no business being in The White House. In fact, Gorka has no business in American politics or government. The "irregular warfare" what-have-you is a joke among military circles, the White House couldn't move him to another agency because no one takes him seriously and he's generally a hate-mongering third rate Bond villain.

Full disclosure: I have been blocked by Gorka on Twitter, mostly because I let him know I think he's a fraud and he has an awful goatee.

Gorka claims to be a military analyst. He's not. I have a degree in film, write, read and study military fiction - and despite never serving - I'm probably more qualified than Gorka. Everything about the Deputy White House Advisor is suspect. While I'll freely admit I never served, Gorka's own service record is murky. His academic credentials are also suspect and his views and opinions are considered to be on the "fringe." While it's incredibly dangerous to have an amateur like Donald Trump in the White House, having Gorka by his side is just as frightening.

In addition to his questionable past, Gorka - who became a naturalized US citizen in 2012 - has ties to Nazi groups and often spouts white supremacist viewpoints. He - like so many other in this administration and on the fringe of the right - doesn't understand what Islam is and generally views all Muslims as the enemy. He makes a $155,000 salary comprised of taxpayer money and no one knows what he does.

He has no influence on military strategy - his supposed area of expertise - and in a normal world, his checkered past wouldn't allow him in the Oval Office except on a White House tour. But apparently, Trump likes him on TV - where he appears often - and he constantly undermines just about every executive agenda imaginable.

Thursday, August 10, 2017, has especially been a banner day for the White House's resident Deputy Assistant Amateur.

As Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tries to actually be Secretary of State for a change and de-escalate the North Korea situation, Gorka publicly refuted him, claiming Tillerson is "out of his element." (Spoiler: they both are, moreso Gorka). And claiming the SecState has no relevant opinion on military matters - which is false.

In the days following an explosion at a Minnesota mosque which Gorka downplayed and claimed was fake, the "irregular warfare" whatever suggested that people should stop being so critical of white supremacists. This, of course, comes a week after the White House's most well-known white supremacist, Stephen Miller, used white supremacist talking points referring to immigration and the Statue of Liberty. Gorka's point is there is no such thing as a "lone wolf," which is entirely false, and that only Muslims are terrorists, also false.

Gorka is also running around Fox News claiming that Trump will "no longer appease" North Korea. For one thing, Trump has no idea what to do with North Korea and in reality, wants China to step in. China isn't going to step in without an incentive, which they don't have yet. Additionally, North Korea isn't going to launch a nuclear attack. They are going to provoke the hell out of Trump as they always do, but they aren't going to actually initiate a strike. So Gorka doesn't know what he's talking about.

Frankly, Gorka's rebuke of Tillerson's comments should be enough to kick him to the curb. He's a joke and a complete fraud.

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